Daikin FTQ36TAVJUD SkyAir Spec Sheet Heat Pump

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The Daikin FTQ36TAVJUD SkyAir series mini split indoor units Spec Sheet Heat Pump is a comprehensive document that provides detailed information about the specific heating and cooling capabilities of the Daikin FTQ36TAVJUD model. This spec sheet includes important data such as heating and cooling capacity in British Thermal Units (BTU), Coefficient of Performance (COP), operating voltage, and power consumption. It also outlines additional features like intelligent eye technology, quiet operation, and advanced air filtration systems. This spec sheet is an essential resource for contractors, architects, and engineers when designing and specifying HVAC systems, as it provides them with precise data to ensure the Daikin FTQ36TAVJUD mini split indoor unit meets the heating and cooling demands of a specific space efficiently and effectively throughout the year.

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