Daikin 1311313

Daikin 1311313

The Daikin 1311313 Mini Split Air Conditioner System is a highly capable, efficient, and innovative solution to keep larger residential or commercial spaces cool and comfortable. With a cooling capacity of 47,000 BTUs and a heating capacity of 48,500 BTUs, this mini-split air conditioner system delivers uncompromising power and efficiency in regulating temperature. The system includes three cooling speeds, providing the option to customize the indoor temperature to the user's preference.

This mini-split air conditioner system is energy efficient and Energy Star rated, making it a conscious environmental choice while saving on electricity bills with the programmable 24-hour timer feature. The Wi-Fi and smart appliance capabilities allow remote access and easy control from a user's mobile device, further enhancing the system's convenience and energy efficiency.

The adjustable air direction and inverter technology combine for even distribution of cool air in the entire room. The Bisque color of the system blends well with various interior design styles, ensuring that the air conditioning system remains aesthetically pleasing. Another remarkable feature of this unit is its exceptionally low decibel rating at just 40 dBA, making it one of the quietest mini-split air conditioner systems on the market.

The washable filter of the Daikin 1311313 Mini Split Air Conditioner System is reusable and easy to maintain, ensuring that the unit operates efficiently and for an extended time. The maximum air flow rating of the system is 798 CFM.

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