Daikin 1311291

Daikin 1311291

The Daikin 1311291 Mini Split Air Conditioner Systems are designed to provide optimal cooling and heating performance, making them ideal for use in large rooms or office spaces. With a cooling capacity of 34400 BTU and a heating capacity of 36000 BTU, these systems can quickly cool or heat up any space. The unit has 3 cooling speeds, making it easy to adjust the cooling according to your preferences.

With a low decibel rating of only 39 dBA, this mini-split air conditioner operates quietly, providing optimal cooling and heating without disturbing your peace. The Programmable 24 Hour Timer feature allows you to set the precise temperature and select the mode of operation for optimal comfort throughout the day. The unit is available in an elegant white color scheme that complements any décor.

Using R410A refrigerant, the Daikin mini-split air conditioner is eco-friendly and reduces carbon emissions. The unit comes with a washable filter, ensuring that the air you breathe is clean and fresh. With a maximum airflow of 427 CFM, this mini-split air conditioner can circulate fresh air throughout the room, making it an excellent choice for homes, offices, and commercial spaces.

Despite its powerful performance, the Daikin 1311291 mini-split air conditioner is easy to install and maintain, weighing only 340.00 lbs. With an impressive SEER rating of 21.7, it offers excellent energy efficiency, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint. This system is the perfect solution for anyone looking for an air conditioning system with a range of features that make it user-friendly and eco-friendly.

In conclusion, the Daikin 1311291 Mini Split Air Conditioner Systems are a perfect choice for those seeking a powerful, energy-efficient, and reliable air conditioning system. With excellent cooling and heating performance, eco-friendly features, and a range of functions that make it user-friendly, the Daikin 1311291 is ideal for large rooms and commercial spaces.