Daikin 1311274

Daikin 1311274

The Daikin 1311274 Mini Split Air Conditioner System is a superior cooling and heating unit designed for larger indoor spaces. With a cooling capacity of up to 47000 BTU and heating capacity of 48500 BTU, it easily maintains comfortable temperatures all year round.

This mini-split system features four cooling speeds that give you the flexibility to adjust your cooling experience according to your preferences. A low decibel rating of 47 dBA ensures that it operates quietly, making it perfect for use in bedrooms, living rooms, and other quiet indoor spaces.

The unit comes with adjustable air direction, which provides enhanced flexibility in directing the airflow towards the desired direction. The Energy Star rating ensures that this mini-split system is energy-efficient, reducing energy consumption and cost.

The programmable 24-hour timer helps you save energy by allowing you to set the system to operate only when you need it. The remote control offers greater convenience, allowing easy temperature and setting adjustments without needing to be close to the unit.

The mini-split system comes in a sleek silver color, which gives it a modern look. The R410A refrigerant and washable filter improve the system's durability and reduce maintenance cost.

The Daikin 1311274 Mini Split Air Conditioner System features a maximum airflow of 413 CFM, quickly and efficiently circulating air throughout the space. The unit's weight of 328.00 lbs may require multiple people for safe installation.

With a SEER of 20.2, this unit is energy-efficient and cost-effective, making it easy to create a comfortable living space without raising your energy bill too much. In summary, the Daikin 1311274 Mini Split Air Conditioner System is a powerful, advanced, and versatile air conditioning and heating system that offers energy-efficient, reliable, and effective indoor temperature management.