Daikin 1311264

Daikin 1311264

The Daikin 1311264 Mini Split Air Conditioner System is a high-performance air conditioning and heating solution that offers an exceptional 47000 BTU cooling capacity and 48500 BTU heating capacity. With four cooling speeds, you can set the temperature to your preference and achieve the optimal balance between comfort and energy efficiency.

This system uses inverter technology that adjusts its output based on your cooling and heating needs, making it energy efficient and cost-effective. Additionally, it has an Energy Star rating that guarantees excellent energy efficiency and savings on electricity bills.

The Daikin 1311264 Mini Split Air Conditioner System is designed to operate quietly with a low 55 dBA sound level. The adjustable air direction feature, along with the quiet operation mode, ensures that you remain comfortable and undisturbed. The programmable 24-hour timer let users easily customize their cooling/heating schedule, while the remote control enhances the convenience of using the system.

This air conditioning system has a sleek and elegant design in a silver color that will complement any home décor. It uses R410A refrigerant, which is eco-friendly, long-lasting, and energy-saving. The washable filter makes maintenance simple, and it ensures excellent air quality in your indoor space.

The maximum air flow of the system is 346 CFM, ensuring that fresh and cool air is distributed evenly throughout the room. At 400.00 lbs, this system requires additional support to install. The system has a power output of 2090 Watts, making it a robust and efficient system.

Lastly, the Daikin 1311264 Mini Split Air Conditioner System boasts an impressive SEER rating of 20.2, delivering high energy efficiency that translates to cost savings over time. The Daikin 1311264 Mini Split Air Conditioner System is a reliable and efficient solution for commercial and residential properties that require robust and efficient air conditioning solutions.