Daikin 1311196 Spec Sheet Heat Pump

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The Daikin 1311196 mini split air conditioner system spec sheet for heat pump models provides comprehensive details about the heating and cooling capabilities of the system. It includes specifications such as the heating capacity, cooling capacity, power consumption, and coefficient of performance (COP) to help you understand its efficiency and performance. Additionally, the spec sheet outlines the operating temperature range, noise levels, and refrigerant type used by the system. It also provides information on the dimensions, weight, and electrical requirements of both the indoor and outdoor units. Whether you are an installer or a homeowner, this spec sheet serves as a valuable reference to ensure the Daikin 1311196 mini split air conditioner system with heat pump meets your specific heating and cooling needs effectively and efficiently.

The instruction is suitable for

1311230 FTQ36TAVJUD

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