Daikin 1311193

Daikin 1311193

The Daikin 1311193 Mini Split Air Conditioner System is a quality product that delivers powerful and efficient cooling and heating for indoor spaces. With a 30000 BTU cooling capacity and 34000 BTU heating capacity, it can maintain a comfortable temperature in medium to large-sized rooms with ease.

The mini-split system has two cooling speeds for a comfortable and customizable indoor environment. The unit operates at 57 dBA, producing only a minimal noise level, and the adjustable air direction feature direct airflow where desired.

The Daikin 1311193 Mini Split System is Energy Star-rated, ensuring that it is an energy-efficient and cost-effective option. The programmable 24-hour timer allows you to set the system to operate precisely when needed, further maximizing energy savings. The inverter technology makes it highly efficient and reducing energy consumption.

With a remote control and quiet operation mode feature, this mini-split system is easy to use, and convenience is at your fingertips. The R410A refrigerant and washable filter make for an efficient and durable system that requires little maintenance.

The white color, weighing approximately 350.00 lbs makes it the ideal choice for any home or office interior design. The maximum airflow of 790 CFM ensures that the unit rapidly circulates air throughout the space providing comfort in every corner.

The unit also has a SEER of 16, making it an energy-efficient option that won't hike your bills. Overall, the Daikin 1311193 Mini Split Air Conditioner System delivers reliable, efficient, and cost-effective cooling, and heating solutions for any indoor space.