Daikin 1309408

Daikin 1309408

The Daikin 1309408 Mini Split Air Conditioner System provides powerful cooling and heating performance with 34400 BTU cooling capacity and 36000 BTU heating capacity. It comes equipped with four cooling speeds and a maximum air flow of 915 CFM, making it ideal for large spaces.

Despite its powerful performance, the Daikin 1309408 operates at a noise level of only 59 dBAs, making it an amazingly quiet air conditioning system. This makes it perfect for use in noise-sensitive areas such as bedrooms or libraries.

The unit comes with a programmable 24-hour timer and Wi-Fi compatibility, allowing users to adjust and manage temperature preferences, set different temperatures throughout the day, and remotely control the unit using the Daikin Comfort Control App. The system's remote control adds extra convenience, providing complete control of the air conditioning unit from a distance.

The Daikin 1309408 Mini Split Air Conditioner System comes in an elegant white color and uses eco-friendly R410A refrigerant that does not deplete the ozone layer. Its washable filter makes it easy to maintain by ensuring that the unit operates efficiently, provides clean air, and reduces maintenance costs.

This system has a weight of only 178.00 lbs, making it easy to install by a single professional. Its SEER rating of 15.9 ensures lower electricity bills with optimized performance.

Overall, the Daikin 1309408 Mini Split Air Conditioner System offers superior cooling and heating performance with efficient and noiseless operation. Its customizable settings, remote control management, and eco-friendliness make it an ideal solution for large residential and commercial spaces.