Carrier EHKMA20KN

Carrier EHKMA20KN

The Carrier EHKMA20KN Air Conditioner Accessories is a powerful and efficient unit that is designed to complement your existing Carrier air conditioner. With a 5050 BTU cooling capacity, this accessory can cool an area up to 150 square feet, making it ideal for small spaces or individual rooms. The 11100 BTU heating capacity ensures that you can also use this accessory for heating purposes during cooler months.

The unit features two cooling speeds and an adjustable air direction system, allowing you to customize the temperature and air flow to your specific preferences. It is designed to be window compatible, making it easy to integrate into any room with a window.

The Carrier EHKMA20KN Air Conditioner Accessories is commercial grade and uses a rotary compressor for reliable and quiet operation. The white color matches perfectly with any Carrier air conditioner unit, ensuring that the accessory does not look out of place in your room.

The R32 refrigerant is environmentally friendly and efficient, providing the same performance and cooling power as older refrigerants while working more effectively. The removable filter ensures that the accessory remains clean and hygienic, helping to optimize its performance and lifespan.

Despite its power and efficiency, the Carrier EHKMA20KN Air Conditioner Accessories weighs just 13.01 pounds, making it lightweight and easy to install. The 1120 watts of power ensures that the accessory is a reliable and efficient addition to your Carrier air conditioner.

Overall, the Carrier EHKMA20KN Air Conditioner Accessories is an excellent addition to your existing Carrier air conditioner, providing reliable and effective cooling or heating to smaller spaces or individual rooms.