Carrier 40MBDQ583

Carrier 40MBDQ583

The Carrier 40MBDQ583 Commercial Air Conditioner is an incredibly powerful and reliable unit designed for commercial spaces. With a cooling capacity of 58000 BTU, it can cool a large area of up to 550 sq. ft. This unit offers three cooling speeds, giving you the option to adjust the temperature according to your preference. The 60 dBA decibel rating ensures relatively quiet operation.

Adjustable air direction allows you to direct cool air to a specific area, making it an ideal choice for commercial spaces with various workstation arrangements. The Energy Star rating ensures energy-efficiency, allowing users to save money on electricity costs. A programmable timer feature helps users to set the unit to turn on and off at specific times without having to adjust it every time.

The Carrier 40MBDQ583 Commercial Air Conditioner is window compatible, which allows users to install it in various locations. A remote control feature adds convenience, allowing users to control this unit from a distance.

This air conditioner comes in white and is powered by R410A refrigerant, providing reliable cooling. The tilt-out filter is easy to clean, ensuring maximum performance. A 285 CFM maximum air flow rate and a weight of 163 pounds provide powerful, efficient performance.

The Carrier 40MBDQ583 Commercial Air Conditioner is an excellent choice for large commercial spaces. Its robust design makes it a durable solution that can provide reliable cooling for years to come, while its adjustable air flow, compact size, and programmable timer make it easy to use and energy-efficient. Choose this unit for a comfortable, energy-efficient working environment.