Carrier 38MBRQ36A3

Carrier 38MBRQ36A3

The Carrier 38MBRQ36A3 Air Conditioner is a powerful and reliable choice for residential or commercial cooling and heating needs. With a cooling capacity of 36000 BTUs and a heating capacity of 38000 BTUs, this unit can cool or heat spaces up to 1500 square feet. The unit has four cooling speeds, providing flexibility and convenience for the user. With a low decibel rating of just 50 dBA, the unit operates quietly and won't disrupt your daily activities.

The adjustable air direction feature allows users to control the direction of airflow based on personal preference. With a R410A refrigerant, this air conditioner is an environmentally friendly and performs significantly better than other refrigerants. The Carrier 38MBRQ36A3 also includes a washable filter that allows for easy maintenance and ensures that the air in your space is clean and pure.

This window-compatible unit is Wi-Fi enabled, making it a smart appliance that is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. It includes a programmable 24-hour timer as well as a thermostat, providing users flexibility and control over the temperature and timing.

With a maximum air flow of 640 CFM, the Carrier 38MBRQ36A3 ensures even and constant airflow throughout your space, providing optimal comfort. At 148 lbs weight, the unit is substantial and requires a professional installation process. With a high SEER rating of 16, the unit saves energy and reduces energy bills.

In conclusion, the Carrier 38MBRQ36A3 Air Conditioner is a reliable and efficient solution for air conditioning needs in large spaces. With its advanced features, including Wi-Fi compatibility, washable filter, and programmable timer, it offers maximum convenience and comfort. The unit is also Energy Star rated and environmentally friendly, providing exceptional performance while reducing energy consumption.