Carrier 38MBRBQ48AA3

Carrier 38MBRBQ48AA3

The Carrier 38MBRBQ48AA3 Heat Pumps are a high-performance and reliable heating and cooling system, perfect for commercial spaces. With a 48000 BTU cooling capacity and a heating capacity of heat pump, adjustable to 13800 or 62700 BTU, this unit provides powerful and consistent air conditioning to commercial environments.

The Carrier 38MBRBQ48AA3 Heat Pumps have four cooling speeds and an adjustable air direction function to deliver cool or warm air exactly where you need it. The decibel rating of the unit is only 19 dBA, offering quiet operation, making it an ideal solution for commercial spaces.

The programmable timer feature enables you to manage your energy consumption with ease, leading to energy savings. With Wi-Fi control, the 38MBRBQ48AA3 Heat Pumps are a smart appliance that allows you to control and monitor the unit efficiently from your mobile device.

The unit is Energy Star rated and is equipped with a washable filter, ensuring clean and healthy air quality inside your commercial space. It features the R410A refrigerant, which is highly efficient and has a minimal environmental impact, making it an eco-friendly and sustainable solution.

At 246 lbs, the 38MBRBQ48AA3 Heat Pumps are relatively heavy but require only 1300 watts of power to operate. It features a maximum air flow capability of 346 CFM, ensuring that cooled or heated air circulates promptly and efficiently throughout your commercial space.

The Carrier 38MBRBQ48AA3 Heat Pumps feature a 14 SEER rating, offering reliable and efficient cooling and heating performance for commercial spaces. With its Energy Star rating, programmable timer, Wi-Fi control, and energy efficiency, this unit delivers exceptional performance while minimizing energy consumption, making it an excellent investment for any commercial setting seeking to strike the perfect balance between performance and sustainability.

In conclusion, the Carrier 38MBRBQ48AA3 Heat Pumps are an excellent and energy-efficient heating and cooling solution for commercial spaces. Its features, including programmable timer, Wi-Fi, and customizable air direction, make it a smart appliance that delivers remarkable results with minimal energy consumption. Its superior performance, eco-friendliness, and overall power make it the perfect choice for any commercial setting.