Carrier 38MBRBQ36AA3

Carrier 38MBRBQ36AA3

The Carrier 38MBRBQ36AA3 Heat Pumps is an outstanding heating and cooling solution that delivers exceptional performance in large indoor spaces. With a cooling capacity of 36000 BTU, it can easily handle areas of up to 550 sq. ft., making it suitable for homes, offices, and commercial settings. The unit also features two heating capacities - 10000 and 45400 BTU - ensuring that your space is comfortably warm in winter.

This low-noise heat pump features three cooling speeds, allowing you to adjust the cooling output according to your needs. The adjustable air direction helps ensure even distribution of cool or warm air throughout the room, creating a comfortable atmosphere. The Carrier 38MBRBQ36AA3 is Energy Star rated, so you can rely on its energy-efficient performance to save you money on your energy bills. It also has a programmable timer for tailored operation, preventing energy wastage.

The Carrier heat pump has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and works with Google Assistant and Alexa, giving you more control over the system. You can operate it using voice commands or through your smartphone or tablet. The remote control also provides easy and convenient operation, even from a distance. The unit also features a washable filter that ensures clean air quality and R32 refrigerant, which is environment-friendly and reduces global warming.

With a pleasing white color that blends well with any indoor decor, the Carrier 38MBRBQ36AA3 heat pump is easy to install and operate. It has a maximum airflow of 265 CFM, ensuring a quick and efficient distribution of air. Its weight of 148.67 lbs and power consumption of 1130 Watts, however, mean that it requires professional installation and enough electrical supply.

In summary, the Carrier 38MBRBQ36AA3 Heat Pumps are an efficient and effective heating and cooling solution for large indoor spaces. With its impressive cooling and heating capacity, low noise level, adjustable air direction, and remote control operation, it is a reliable and user-friendly unit. Additionally, its Wi-Fi connectivity, Energy Star rating, washable filter, and R32 refrigerant make it a top choice for those seeking an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly HVAC system.