Amana PWWTA150H

Amana PWWTA150H

The Amana PWWTA150H Air Conditioner Accessories are a versatile and useful kit, specially designed for Amana Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs). They weigh 6.00 lbs, making them easy to handle and install.

The PWWTA150H accessories are designed to enhance the performance and functionality of your PTAC unit. They include a power cord, sleeve extension, and standard mounting hardware.

The power cord is UL-listed, meeting all industry standards for electrical safety and comes with a strain relief clamp to prevent damage to the cord over time. It provides a safe and reliable source of power to your PTAC unit.

The sleeve extension included in the PWWTA150H kit is used to ensure secure and professional-looking installation of a PTAC unit through thicker walls. The extension allows for a proper fit and ensures optimal performance.

The standard mounting hardware, screws, and hanger brackets included in the kit provide a secure and stable platform for mounting the PTAC unit. They are made of high-quality materials, ensuring that they can withstand wear and tear over time.

Installation of the Amana PWWTA150H Air Conditioner Accessories is easy and straightforward, with clear instructions provided in the kit. With this kit, it is possible to install your PTAC unit with ease, saving you both time and money.

Overall, the Amana PWWTA150H Air Conditioner Accessories are a smart investment for anyone with an Amana PTAC unit. With their versatile components, lightweight construction, and easy installation, these accessories provide the quality and reliability expected from Amana products.