Amana PTQC4A

Amana PTQC4A

The Amana PTQC4A Air Conditioner Hardware is an essential accessory for anyone who owns or is looking to install an Amana Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) unit. Weighing in at 10.00 lbs, this hardware kit provides a solid and reliable foundation for your PTAC unit.

The PTQC4A hardware kit includes a power cord, a sleeve extension kit, and standard mounting hardware components. These components are designed to work seamlessly together to ensure a safe, sturdy, and professional-looking installation of your PTAC unit.

The power cord included in the PTQC4A kit meets all industry standards for electrical safety. It is reliable and safe and comes with a strain relief clamp that prevents damage to the cord over time.

The sleeve extension kit ensures a proper and secure fit for your PTAC unit when installed through thicker walls. It provides additional support, which ensures that your PTAC unit runs smoothly and efficiently without interference from the wall.

The standard mounting hardware components, screws, and hanger brackets included in the kit provide a secure platform for mounting the PTAC unit. These components are made of high-quality materials that can withstand wear and tear over time.

Amana PTQC4A Air Conditioner Hardware installation is straightforward, and clear instructions are provided in the kit. The installation takes minimal time, whether you are a professional HVAC installer or a DIY enthusiast.

Overall, the Amana PTQC4A Air Conditioner Hardware kit provides a safe and reliable option for those seeking to install their PTAC units. With its sturdy construction, versatile components, and safe handling, this kit provides the quality and reliability expected from Amana products.