Amana PTH123K50AXXX Spec Sheet

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The Amana PTH123K50AXXX PTAC air conditioner Spec Sheet provides comprehensive information about this powerful and versatile cooling and heating system. With a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU and a heating capacity of 11,800 BTU, this PTAC unit is ideal for single-room applications. The spec sheet details the key features of the PTH123K50AXXX, such as its energy efficiency, quiet operation, and durable construction. It includes specifications on dimensions, electrical requirements, and performance ratings, enabling easy integration into various settings. With its advanced technology and user-friendly controls, the Amana PTH123K50AXXX PTAC air conditioner ensures optimal comfort and efficiency. The spec sheet serves as a valuable resource for contractors, engineers, and end-users, providing all the necessary technical details to make informed decisions about this reliable cooling and heating solution.