Amana PTH123J50AXXX

Amana PTH123J50AXXX

The Amana PTH123J50AXXX PTAC Air Conditioner is a high-performance and energy-efficient cooling and heating unit designed for commercial environments. With a cooling capacity of 11600 BTU and a heating capacity of 11000 BTU, it is capable of effectively maintaining a comfortable atmosphere in larger commercial spaces.

The PTAC air conditioner includes an intuitive thermostat for easy temperature regulation, providing you with greater temperature precision to meet your desired comfort levels.

The Amana PTH123J50AXXX PTAC Air Conditioner is a smart appliance that connects effortlessly to a network that allows the user to maintain control over the temperature settings of the commercial area. The device has an energy efficient R32 refrigerant, making it environmentally friendly and reduces energy costs. Its high efficiency rating of 10.4 SEER ensures usage of less energy without compromising on the appliance's strong performance.

With a sleek and modern design, this PTAC Air Conditioner's white color will complement any commercial decor. Though its build is durable and sturdy, weighing 108.00 lbs, it still blends flawlessly into the commercial space.

Whether you own a hotel or office, the Amana PTH123J50AXXX PTAC Air Conditioner is a reliable choice for maintaining a comfortable environment for your customers and employees all year round. This air conditioner is ideal for commercial spaces that need a powerful and energy-efficient unit, with an added advantage of smart functionality which provides convenience and lowers energy costs and as such is worth the investment.