Amana PTC173K35AXXX

Amana PTC173K35AXXX

For large spaces, the Amana PTC173K35AXXX PTAC Air Conditioner is an excellent option that can handle large heating and cooling demands. With a cooling power of 16700 BTU, it's capable of cooling large spaces effortlessly, while its heating capacity of 12000 BTU ensures comfortable temperatures in colder months.

The white color of the unit is sleek and modern, adding style to any space. It's also compact and weighs only 130.00 lbs, making it easy to install or relocate as needed. With its quiet operation, it's perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and many other living spaces.

This unit is designed to provide customizable comfort in residential and commercial spaces, with energy-saving features that save on electricity costs. Set your preferred climate and forget about it with features such as programmable thermostats, various fan speeds and settings, and more.

The Amana PTC173K35AXXX PTAC Air Conditioner is ideal for anyone looking for a powerful, energy-efficient, and versatile air conditioning system that keeps you comfortable all year round. It's designed for reliability, providing lengthy service for many years.

Whether you own a hotel or restaurant, the Amana PTC173K35AXXX PTAC Air Conditioner is an ideal solution for meeting the diverse demands of your guests. You can be sure that everyone will feel comfortable under any circumstances; it will always deliver a positive experience. In the end, installing an Amana PTAC air conditioner is a wise investment that you'll surely benefit from for years to come.