Amana PTC153K35CXXX

Amana PTC153K35CXXX

The Amana PTC153K35CXXX PTAC Air Conditioner is a reliable and efficient commercial heating and cooling unit. Its cooling capacity of 14800 BTUs and heating capacity of 12000 BTUs make it an ideal option for larger commercial spaces.

This air conditioner includes a thermostat, helping you regulate the temperature in your space efficiently. It also has a clean white color that fits any commercial space design. With its use of R410A refrigerant, it provides high energy efficiency and eco-friendliness.

The electronic touchpad controls allow you to adjust the temperature with ease, while the 3-speed fan gives you complete control over the airflow. It operates quietly, ensuring that your work or rest goes uninterrupted. The 130.00 lbs weight guarantees stability and durability, making the Amana PTC153K35CXXX PTAC Air Conditioner a reliable and long-lasting option for commercial spaces.

This air conditioner is energy efficient, operating optimally while keeping your energy bills to a minimum, and making it an excellent investment for commercial spaces. The sleek design and efficient operation make this PTAC unit a great asset to any workspace.

In conclusion, the Amana PTC153K35CXXX PTAC Air Conditioner is an excellent choice for larger commercial spaces that require efficient and reliable heating and cooling systems. Its sleek design, reliability, and energy-efficient technology make it a go-to choice for businesses looking for a high-performing and sustainable solution.