Amana PTC094G35AXXX DigiSmart Spec Sheet

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The Amana PTC094G35AXXX DigiSmart series PTAC air conditioner spec sheet provides detailed technical specifications for this high-quality heating and cooling unit. The spec sheet includes information about the unit's cooling and heating capacities, its electrical and mechanical requirements, as well as its dimensions and weight. The sheet also outlines the unit's advanced features, such as the DigiSmart technology, which allows for remote control and monitoring of the system. The Amana PTC094G35AXXX DigiSmart series PTAC air conditioner is designed for efficient and reliable performance in both commercial and residential settings. With its high-quality components and durable construction, this PTAC unit is built to last, ensuring optimal cooling and heating for years to come. The spec sheet is an essential resource for installers and service providers, providing all the necessary technical information for proper installation and maintenance of the unit.

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