Amana PTC074G25AXXX DigiSmart

Amana PTC074G25AXXX DigiSmart

The Amana PTC074G25AXXX DigiSmart series PTAC Air Conditioner is an energy-efficient and high-performance unit suitable for residential and commercial spaces. With a cooling capacity of 7700 BTU and a heating capacity of 8500 BTU, it is perfect for spaces up to 325 square feet.

The Amana PTC074G25AXXX DigiSmart PTAC Air Conditioner features two cooling speeds and a constant fan mode, allowing you to select the optimal temperature and air flow for your preferences. Additionally, this unit has washable filters and an easy-access slide-out filter design, making it easier for you to maintain the unit, clean the filter, and keep the indoor air quality high.

One of the most convenient aspects of this PTAC air conditioner is that it has Wi-Fi connectivity, making it a smart appliance that can be controlled remotely using a free app on your smartphone or tablet. With this feature, you can adjust and monitor the temperature and fan speed with ease, ensuring optimal comfort in your space.

In addition, the Amana PTC074G25AXXX PTAC Air Conditioner has sensors that detect when someone enters or leaves the room, automatically adjusting the temperature to maintain the desired setpoint. This smart feature helps save energy and ensures you have a comfortable indoor climate.

The Bisque-colored Amana PTC074G25AXXX DigiSmart series PTAC Air Conditioner is lightweight, weighing just 113.00 lbs. It has a maximum airflow rate of 310 CFM and offers 2.5 kW electric heat output, making it an ideal choice for maintaining optimal indoor temperatures all year round. The Amana PTC074G25AXXX PTAC Air Conditioner uses R410A refrigerant, which is eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

In conclusion, the Amana PTC074G25AXXX DigiSmart series PTAC Air Conditioner is an excellent option for anyone looking for a compact and efficient PTAC air conditioner. With its powerful cooling and heating capabilities, smart control, easy-access slide-out filter, and washable filter, this air conditioning unit offers optimal indoor air quality and convenience. While featuring a Bisque-colored finish, the smart PTAC air conditioner delivers top-of-the-line functionality in a compact and stylish form factor.