Amana DSA01NM

Amana DSA01NM

The Amana DSA01NM Thermostats offer a convenient and efficient way of controlling the temperature of an air conditioner with an 8000 BTU cooling capacity. It features a cooling area of 350 sq. ft. and 3 cooling speeds, this thermostat provides an easy way to customize the cooling experience to ensure maximum comfort.

With a 60 dBA decibel rating, the Amana DSA01NM thermostat ensures that the air conditioner operates quietly, making it ideal for spaces where low noise is a priority. The device is Energy Star rated, ensuring that it offers maximum energy efficiency, leading to savings in energy costs.

With the availability of a programmable timer feature, users can set their desired temperature and runtime to manage energy usage. The window compatibility feature ensures easy installation of the thermostat and its all-white aesthetic blend seamlessly complements any room's interior décor.

The Amana DSA01NM Thermostats run on R410A refrigerant, which makes them environmentally-friendly. The washable filter feature makes maintenance cost-effective. This feature helps reduce maintenance costs and the need for frequent filter replacements. The thermostat has a maximum air flow of 206 CFM, and it weighs only 5.00 lbs, making it easy to handle and use.

In conclusion, the Amana DSA01NM Thermostats offer a convenient way of regulating the temperature of an air conditioner with an 8000 BTU cooling capacity, providing a comfortable and energy-efficient cooling experience. With streamlined features aimed at maximizing comfort while minimizing energy usage, the thermostat is a must-have tool to optimize home cooling.