Amana DGK1B

Amana DGK1B

The Amana DGK1B Air Conditioner Accessories are the perfect choice for enhancing the performance of the Amana AMAP222BW Window and Wall Air Conditioner. With a cooling capacity of 22000 BTUs, capable of cooling an area of up to 1400 sq. ft., this air conditioner is a powerful and efficient cooling solution.

These accessories offer an added layer of functionality to the air conditioner. With three cooling speeds, adjustable air direction, and a maximum air flow of 459 CFM, these accessories help to deliver customized cooling output that caters to your preferences. The unit has a decibel rating of 62 dBA, ensuring that your surroundings remain quiet and peaceful, even during its operation.

With features like programmable timer, you can easily set the air conditioner to turn on or off automatically at designated times, enabling energy efficiency. The washable filter helps to keep the air inside your rooms clean and fresh. The R410A refrigerant ensures that the air conditioner operates efficiently and reliably for longer intervals.

The white finish of the Amana DGK1B Air Conditioner Accessories makes for a stylish and seamless match with the AMAP222BW air conditioner unit. Weighing just 5.00 lbs, they are easy to install, lightweight, and do not add any additional bulk to your air conditioning unit.

In conclusion, the Amana DGK1B Air Conditioner Accessories are a smart investment for those who are looking for an improved and efficient air conditioning experience. These accessories offer added convenience, energy efficiency, and exceptional performance to the Amana AMAP222BW air conditioning unit, creating an optimal environment that can make any space feel comfortable and refreshing.