Amana AVH093H35AXXX

Amana AVH093H35AXXX

The Amana AVH093H35AXXX PTAC Air Conditioner is a reliable and efficient through-the-wall air conditioning unit that's perfect for reducing heat and keeping you comfortable in rooms up to 350 square feet. With a cooling capacity of 9400 BTU, it can quickly cool a small to medium-sized room. The 8500 BTU heating capacity ensures you're always warm and cozy, even in the colder months.

The unit features two cooling speeds, providing you the freedom to customize the cooling level based on your preferences. The Easy Access Slide-Out Filter allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, while the washable filter reduces operational costs by extending filter life. The stainless steel color is modern and fits well into many types of interior design.

The R-410A refrigerant used in the air conditioner is eco-friendly, reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a better environment for the planet. The unit's maximum airflow of 490 CFM is ideal for small to medium-sized rooms, delivering cool or hot air quietly and effectively.

At 164 lbs, the Amana AVH093H35AXXX PTAC Air Conditioner is relatively lightweight and easy to install. The unit requires 730 watts of power, making it energy efficient and cost-effective.

In summary, the Amana AVH093H35AXXX PTAC Air Conditioner is an efficient and reliable air conditioning unit designed to cool and heat small to medium-sized rooms up to 350 square feet. Its high cooling and heating power, low maintenance requirements, and energy-efficient operation, along with its attractive stainless steel design, make it an excellent solution for both residential and commercial spaces.