The Amana AVAGK01CB Grille Assembly is a high-quality device designed to fit Amana PTAC (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner) units. With a weight of 10.00 lbs and a sleek black finish, this grille assembly offers reliable performance and a modern appearance.

Featuring a durable construction, this grille assembly is made from high-quality materials that resist corrosion and wear-and-tear over time. This ensures lasting performance, even in harsh or demanding environments. The black finish adds an elegant touch to your room's decor, providing for a stylish upgrade to your Amana PTAC unit.

The Amana AVAGK01CB Grille Assembly is easy to install, thanks to its compatible design with Amana PTAC units. You can quickly upgrade your PTAC unit's appearance and performance by installing this grille assembly without requiring professional assistance.

This grille assembly's primary benefits include providing a high level of protection to your Amana PTAC unit's internal components, preventing dirt, debris, or particles from entering the unit. It also enhances indoor air quality by improving the air circulation and filtering out unwanted contaminants, providing a healthier and more comfortable living space for you and your family.

In summary, the Amana AVAGK01CB Grille Assembly is a versatile, durable, and easy-to-install device designed to upgrade your Amana PTAC unit's appearance and performance. Its black finish and corrosion-resistant construction make it a stylish and long-lasting addition to your room's decor. This grille assembly is a must-have for anyone looking to protect their PTAC unit's internal components and improve indoor air quality.