Amana AH183G35AX

Amana AH183G35AX

The Amana AH183G35AX Window and Wall Air Conditioner is a highly efficient and effective solution for cooling and heating large areas. With a cooling capacity of 17,300 BTUs, this unit can easily cool large spaces up to 750 square feet, and with a heating capacity of 14,300 BTUs, it can keep you warm in colder temperatures.

Featuring three cooling speeds and adjustable air direction, you can customize the cooling experience to meet your specific needs. The unit's powerful 590 CFM maximum air flow ensures that cool air circulates throughout the space effectively and quickly.

Maintenance is easy thanks to the easy access slide-out filter that is washable and reusable. The filter helps keep the unit running smoothly, providing optimal airflow and circulation throughout the space. The unit's programmable timer allows you to set it to start and stop running at certain times, helping to save energy and reduce costs.

This air conditioner is both window and wall compatible, making installation simple and straightforward. The unit's white color and modern design complement a variety of interior styles.

Weighing in at 143 lbs and with 3680 Watts, this air conditioner is efficient and highly effective. It utilizes R410A refrigerant and features a removable filter for easy cleaning.

Overall, the Amana AH183G35AX Window and Wall Air Conditioner is an excellent choice for those looking to cool or heat large spaces efficiently and effectively. With a variety of features, easy maintenance, and a modern design, this unit is perfect for home or office use.